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Rumsey Hall’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is intentionally embedded in our mission. The School fosters a community where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued. Belonging to a diverse and inclusive environment is essential to our learning as it broadens perspectives and strengthens our collaborative spirit. Our effort is ongoing; we will continually evolve to support individual and collective growth.

We believe in 



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Rumsey Hall strives to instill a sense of belonging in all current and future community  members and establish an environment where they feel safe, respected, and valued. We pride ourselves on our core values of honesty, kindness, and respect: they are at the heart of our academic curriculum, our athletic program, and our commitment to educating the whole child. Our K - 9 program aims to provide developmentally-appropriate guidance in the exploration of identity and empathy. Our social-emotional work develops student understanding of sensitive topics in an environment that celebrates our differences and teaches effective communication skills. We provide each child with the tools to become self-advocates and to give voice to others along their journey. We do this by:

  • Creating space for the exploration of personal identity, healthy development of self-awareness, and respect for others and the interconnectedness of us all. 

  • Offering intentional instruction through the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) courses in character skills, community values, and diversity in our community.

  • Calling students to action through advisory discussions, community service opportunities, and student-led awareness campaigns. 

  • Building the capacity of teachers and mentors to facilitate conversations, foster cultural competency, and establish a safe environment for students to develop their own cultural awareness.

  • Continuing to learn how we can have different opinions, identities, and perspectives and find common ground by modeling and practicing respect and compassion towards one another.


Diversity:  Diversity is a way of looking at our differences as humans.  We vary by ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, self-identification, religion, socio-economic status and more.  Our identities intersect and make us who we are:  all different, yet connected by the experience of being human.


Faculty and Staff Commitment

We're committed to creating a supportive climate of belonging at Rumsey. In addition to attending conferences and professional development workshops, our leaders, faculty, and staff are actively involved in regular discussions about how we can be better champions of DEIB values.

Rumsey DEIB in Action